Messages from Our Community

Around the world, thousands of you participated in a Pause with Pittsburgh to remember the 11 lives lost in the attack on the Tree of Life building on October 27, 2018. Your presence provided hope and solace to the community of Pittsburgh. You shared the following words and wishes.

An attack on one community of faith is an attack on all communities of faith, and we must stand together in the face of hatred, violence and discrimination.

Miriam, Dallas

I offer my condolences and stand in solidarity with you against hatred and violence. May time help in some way to heal the pain of your losses.

Jessie, New York

Together we are standing for our people and other vulnerable groups, and together we will work to end such hate-filled acts. Together we find comfort, understanding and ...

Matt, South Palm Beach

I am with you in spirit.

Bonnie Bracewell, Port Orchard, Washington

We can't ever forget!

Carnie, St. Louis

We are all a part of the Pittsburgh community, feeling the sadness and reverberation of the eleven lives lost. May their lives be for a blessing.

Tayla, Brooklyn

We are sending you a loud, resounding, collective community voice against hate.

Robert, Raleigh

We will be watching and praying.

Fay, Florida

We remember in Love! May love prevail!

Jeannie, Pennsylvania

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